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News and Trends

4 mobility startups not to miss at Autonomy 2019

Climate change is evidently a growing concern for both the public and governments worldwide. With urban populations growing globally at speed, improving sustainability in the mobility sector is necessary for the wellbeing of city-dwellers and the future of our planet. Needless to say, designing modern urban mobility systems that limit pollution and congestion while meeting … Read more

Success Story – Paygevity, the marketplace to end your cash flow nightmares

If there is one thing that’s sure to anger business owners and even keep them up at night, it’s late payments. This issue widely affects SMEs that are particularly vulnerable to cashflow problems, and the statistics show this trend is not getting better over the years (according to the study conducted by BACs in December … Read more

Cocktail 2.0 – Starring robot Barsys as Tom Cruise

Opening your own bar: many of us have had this dream at one point in our life. After all, being your own boss, making money off your passion for alcoholic beverages and being at the heart of your city’s nightlife sounds like the perfect plan. You’ve most likely kept this dream on the backburner (or … Read more

Wavy, the platform for silky smooth salon management

Hair salons are a vital part of our lifestyle. We walk past them every day, we use them on a regular basis, they allow us to interact with members of our local community. For French people in particular, salons are a big deal: there are about 85,492 throughout France (UNEC), more than twice as much … Read more

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