Early Metrics Corner

Early Metrics Corner

Juconn: beyond connected kettles, the IoT solution for industry mammoths

In September, Amazon announced the launch of a dozen new Echo products to make your home as connected and techy as Tony Stark’s manor. This echoes (excuse the pun) a wider trend taking the home appliance industry by storm, whereby every device becomes “smart” or “connected”. Sure, being able to switch on the kettle with … Read more

MyElefant never forgets to send the right marketing SMS

The importance of phones in our journey to buying anything (from groceries to headphones and inflatable flamingos) is undeniably growing. In fact, Forrester’s 2018 Retail Best Practices: Mobile Web study estimates that smartphones will be used in over 33% of total U.S. retail sales (worth more than $1 trillion) at some point in the purchasing … Read more

Blocko : The Blockchain solution for your enterprise

“40 years from now, blockchain and all that followed from it will figure more prominently in that story than will bitcoin.” Larry Summers, US Former Treasury Secretary. If you haven’t heard about blockchain or bitcoin at this stage, you’ve been living under a rock. But many questions still remain regarding the technology: too risky, not … Read more

Rated Startup @VivaTechnology: Bloom

As part of VivaTechnology 2018, we decided to put in highlight some of the best rated startups that will attend the event in Paris from May 24 to 26. Last but not least Bloom, which develops a platform for analysing social networks. The startup relies on its proprietary algorithms to analyse trends and opinions to help … Read more

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