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Early Metrics Corner

Hevo Power : The ultimate EV charging experience

Electric cars, along with pay-per-use models and ride-hailing, are shaking up the traditional auto industry model. Global firms alongside startups are racing to get ahead in the fast-growing electric car market to avoid falling behind. Meet Hevo Power, an American startup rated by Early Metrics in November 2017. Launched in 2011, Hevo Power designs and … Read more

Microdermics : Going beyond the surface

After focusing on Gait Up, a Swiss #medtech startup, we keep on talking about health – our current hot topic as you can see on our ranking of the top 20 most promising French healthtech Startups published in Les Echos. So dear readers, meet Microdermics, a Canadian #medtech startup rated by Early Metrics in December … Read more

Gait Up : Make sense of motion

At Early Metrics, the health of our readers is of the upmost importance, that’s why we’ve decided to start 2018 by featuring a #medtech startup that will help you keep THAT New Year resolution (yes, the one about doing more sport). Reader, meet Gait Up, a Swiss #medtech startup rated by Early Metrics in September … Read more

Fluo : Insurance the easy way

Understanding an insurance contract has always been a pain in the neck for any end-consumer, but this may be about to change thanks to Fluo, a French-based startup rated by Early Metrics in December 2016, who has developed a B2B and B2C insurance contract optimization system.   Through its downloaded app, Fluo enables an individual, … Read more

Phenix: Fight against food waste

  In an era where an increasing number of people acts as informed customers and want to consume more ethically, Phenix aims to support catering professionals and retailers in fighting against food waste. The French startup, rated by Early Metrics in June 2017, already works with many big players in the retail industry such as … Read more

Energisme: Take control of your energy consumption

Whether you are a real estate builder, property owner or manager, you will undoubtedly have face same challenge: how to monitor your buildings’ energy consumption. Tracking energy performance is not only becoming increasingly important to reduce an ever expending energy bill, but a legal request. Energisme, a startup rated in April 2016 by Early Metrics, … Read more

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