Early Metrics Corner

Early Metrics Corner

Flight of the bumblebees – A short manual for founders recruiting their first Business Developers

The chaotic and rapidly changing journey of a startup is both unavoidable and essential. At the coalface of growth, business developers define the future of a young ventures. Investing valuable time into their recruitment, training and mentorship is therefore one of a founder’s paramount tasks. How does an entrepreneur go about finding and nurturing their … Read more

Smart cities: how Data is powering the utility companies Generation 2.0

If you are an energy junkie (understand, work in the energy industry), one of the big debate is whether the Horizon 2020 objectives (20% cut in greenhouse gas emission, 20% renewable energy production, 20% energy efficiency improvement) will be reached ? The answer is « yes », according to the cleantech and greentech start-ups diligently working towards implementing … Read more

Le fondateur et le CEO : 2 rôles différents pour une startup

La vie d’une entreprise passe par différentes phases qui se suivent mais ne se ressemblent pas, et ne font pas toutes appel aux mêmes compétences de management. A l’origine d’une startup, il y a souvent le fruit d’une vision, d’une idée ou la volonté de faire mieux que l’existant. Cette vision initiale est portée par … Read more

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