Early Metrics Corner

Early Metrics Corner

5 ways in which IoT is shaping the Industry 4.0

In the past few months, we have seen a push from tech giants to fill our homes with “connected” devices, therefore increasing public awareness of the internet of things or IoT. However, this isn’t such a new technology and its adoption is already much more advanced in industrial environments than in consumer markets. In fact, … Read more

AI for Advisory: a friend more than a foe

The slow but steady permeation of automation and machine learning in financial advisory and wealth management has been giving the jitters to some professionals. However, there is increasing evidence suggesting artificial intelligence (AI) can empower human advisors more than hurt them as it is far from being able to replace them. Moreover, unlike the retail … Read more

5 key trends in the application of AI in retail

We live in exciting times: artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer only a thing of science fiction as it’s finally entering the real world. With the emergence of tangible applications, the global AI market is booming and is projected to be worth 7,35 billion U.S. dollars by the end of this year. For the moment, … Read more

The Silent Revolution: how Proptech is changing our lives

The biggest challenge that faces today’s generation is arguably the housing market. Generation X and Y are saddled with student fee debt, overcrowding and a highly priced competitive market. The property landscape has been traditionally viewed as a slow-moving and conservative industry. Whilst policy makers trade hymn sheets in aiming to provide affordable housing, there … Read more

Smart cities comparison between London, Paris and Berlin

The development of smart cities builds upon our historical need to congregate and innovate. Today, technological breakthroughs have impacted the buildings we use, the way we travel, work and engage with one another in an urban space. Some successful smart city initiatives include Malaga in Spain or Mexico City. Iskander in Malaysia viewed as one … Read more

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