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News and Trends

5 Tech Trends in Health & Safety at Work

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, an effective health and safety programme can save a company $4-6 for every $1 invested through increased productivity and higher employee morale. Indeed, research has shown that properly implemented health and safety measures in the workplace help reduce absences and sick leave, keep employees engaged, increase productivity … Read more

How can CVCs track and show the value of their portfolio?

By Arthur Puig, Associate VC Analyst at Early Metrics As the coronavirus pandemic brings a new era of economic uncertainty, more and more entrepreneurs are seeking funding from corporate venture capital (CVC) to make up for their lack of cash and increase their chances of survival. In a Belgian study conducted in April with 980+ … Read more

Innovation et adaptabilité : les clés du succès des entreprises en temps de coronavirus

La pandémie de coronavirus bouleverse notre quotidien et nos institutions : travail, éducation, systèmes de santé, voyage… Depuis plusieurs mois, cette crise sanitaire remet en question nos modes de vie dans leur intégralité . Ce qui fait l’homme, c’est sa grande faculté d’adaptation, mais cette faculté est également essentielle pour les entreprises, surtout en temps … Read more

Infographic – Key stats and trends in Green Real Estate

Construction and real estate are some of the most polluting industries. But, emerging technologies, startups and regulations are encouraging a shift towards smarter, greener building construction and management. In this infographic, we summarise some of the key statistics and trends in the green real estate space. Despite some remaining naysayers, the negative impact of anthropogenic … Read more

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