Early Metrics Corner

Early Metrics Corner

Smart cities & Mobility startups: Best in class when it comes to product-market fit, but not strong scale performers

At Early Metrics, we rate innovative ventures by analysing their non-financial metrics*. We assess 50 main criteria spread across three main pillars: Team, Project, Ecosystem. With over 1300 startups and scale-ups rated at this stage, Early Metrics has accumulated and analysed a large amount of data, and we are now able to identify some recurring … Read more

(The Series: Start-ups and Corporates)- Part 5: Beyond POC How to foster long-term relationships between corporates and startups ?

Large corporations are increasingly looking to innovate, and on the hunt to integrate new technologies into their processes to make them faster, better and more accurate. This is why more and more, they are turning to startups to achieve these goals. Corporates are usually comfortable in working with established SMEs, much less with very young … Read more

(The Series: Start-ups and Corporates)- Part 4: Co-development: collective intelligence for a successful business relationship

After 3 years and nearly 1 500 startups rated for more than 150 corporate clients, it was time for Early Metrics to share some key learnings about the collaboration between blue chip companies and start-ups, arguably one the most important economical relationships in the 21st century.   Over the past six months, Early Metrics has … Read more

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