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Keeping you informed about the latest  tech trends

News and Trends

Keeping you informed about the latest  tech trends

Disinfection tech ensuring a cleaner and safer post-COVID world

After months of lockdown in several countries throughout the world, governments are increasingly loosening restrictions and reopening the economy. However, we are far from returning back to normal. Instead, as a society, we are having to create a new normal in which we strive to keep each other safe. This new normal involves attempts in … Read more

The Future of Online Banking is Neon Bright

The banking industry has seen significant transformation over the past years. Traditional banking institutions are now competing with startups and challenger banks looking to offer consumers new ways of managing their spending and investments. At the centre of it all, online or mobile banking is increasingly becoming the new norm, representing a shift towards providing … Read more

Infographic – Key stats and trends in Green Real Estate

Construction and real estate are some of the most polluting industries. But, emerging technologies, startups and regulations are encouraging a shift towards smarter, greener building construction and management. In this infographic, we summarise some of the key statistics and trends in the green real estate space. Despite some remaining naysayers, the negative impact of anthropogenic … Read more

Yes, ve-can: how vegan foods are taking the market by storm

The vegan food market has been growing significantly over the past years. Indeed, becoming more conscious of the environmental and health impact of what we eat has been a big trend. This trend is not only important to consumers but also to investors, with more and more VCs looking at the space. Let’s not forget, … Read more

Startups & Corporates – Part 6 : Procurement and Startups how to make it work?

Early Metrics shares some key learnings about the collaboration between large corporates and early stage ventures, arguably one of the most important economic relationships in the 21st century. In this episode of the Startups & Corporates series, we go deeper and explore the relationship between startups and procurement departments, the gatekeepers between large enterprises and … Read more

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