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Keeping you informed about the latest  tech trends

News and Trends

Keeping you informed about the latest  tech trends

EM Pitching Industrie 4.0 : how are startups changing the way we manufacture

Chez Early Metrics, non seulement nous évaluons les startups, mais nous les aidons également dans leur croissance et plus particulièrement dans la création de relations avec les grands groupes. Nous croyons que le partage de connaissances, d’expériences et d’idées peut donc renforcer l’écosystème d’innovation en impliquant à la fois les jeunes pousses et les géants … Read more

White paper – Valuing Brilliance: A guide to fair startup valuation

Based on data from our database of over 2000 rated startups and in collaboration with Bpifrance Le Hub, Valuing Brilliance: A guide to fair startup valuation offers insights into valuing startups in a more transparent and holistic manner. The paper also features opinions from experts such as Samantha Jésulamy, partner at Elaia Partners, and Sylvain Tillon, CEO … Read more

5 ways in which IoT is shaping the Industry 4.0

In the past few months, we have seen a push from tech giants to fill our homes with “connected” devices, therefore increasing public awareness of the internet of things or IoT. However, this isn’t such a new technology and its adoption is already much more advanced in industrial environments than in consumer markets. In fact, … Read more

Juconn: beyond connected kettles, the IoT solution for industry mammoths

In September, Amazon announced the launch of a dozen new Echo products to make your home as connected and techy as Tony Stark’s manor. This echoes (excuse the pun) a wider trend taking the home appliance industry by storm, whereby every device becomes “smart” or “connected”. Sure, being able to switch on the kettle with … Read more

AI for Advisory: a friend more than a foe

The slow but steady permeation of automation and machine learning in financial advisory and wealth management has been giving the jitters to some professionals. However, there is increasing evidence suggesting artificial intelligence (AI) can empower human advisors more than hurt them as it is far from being able to replace them. Moreover, unlike the retail … Read more

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