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Keeping you informed about the latest  tech trends

News and Trends

Keeping you informed about the latest  tech trends

Study – Vivatech: How startups view the future of the European tech ecosystem

In an uncertain economic and political context, 91% of European startups rated by Early Metrics consider that innovation in Europe has a bright future ahead. Nevertheless, 28% of them also believe that compliance with European regulations (RGPD, MiFIDII …) burdens their activity, and 15% see their international expansion directly impacted by Brexit.   April 30, … Read more

Etude Vivatech – L’avis des startups sur l’avenir de l’écosystème tech européen

Dans un contexte économique et politique incertain et à l’occasion de Vivatechnology 2019, 91% des startups européennes, notées par Early Metrics, considèrent que l’innovation en Europe est promise à un bel avenir. Néanmoins, 28% d’entre elles estiment aussi que la mise en conformité avec les réglementations européennes (RGPD, MiFIDII…) pèse sur leur activité, et 15% … Read more

Success Story: Tilkee shares its rating experience

Over the years, Early Metrics has had the chance to follow the growth of hundreds of innovative startups. Tilkee holds a special place in our community as it is not only part of our top 5% of all 2400 rated startups but it is also the first startup ever rated by Early Metrics. Tilkee is … Read more

How are startups taking the mobility sector forward?

Despite not being the friendliest of sectors for new businesses, the sector of mobility and transports is seeing increased participation of new players. For our first EM Pitching event in Berlin and the 10th EM Pitching in Paris, we took the opportunity to reflect on how young ventures are shaping the way people and goods … Read more

Workshop Highlights – 7 ways to optimise commercial performance

Creating a POC, launching an MVP, completing a first funding round are all key milestones in the development of a startup. But there is another crucial step that is often taken for granted: landing your first clients and earning their loyalty. To get there, it’s important to mobilise the right tools and build a solid … Read more

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