8 startups not to miss at CES 2020

By Héloïse Frantz - 07 January 2020

The world’s largest and most influential tech event is starting on this Tuesday 7th January 2020. From artificial intelligence to Virtual Reality, IoT and robotics, there are nearly 20,000 new transformative tech products that are going to be presented to more than 170,000 visitors. 

With almost 5,000 exhibitors on the trade show floor, it can be hard to decide where to look! Discover our top 8 highly-rated startups that will be exhibiting at the event. All these startups showed great potential for growth and are listed in the order of their score. 


1. Sevenhugs, smart & ergonomic remotes – France

Sevenhugs sells smart remotes centralizing the control of all connected devices in a house. The remotes are very ergonomics, with a 100% touch screen and a pointer technology that makes its very intuitive to use. The French startup is based on a signal processing technology developed in-house to offer its products. They successfully raised additional $9 million in early December. 


2. Kardome, the sound signal sensor – Israel

The Israeli startup Kardome provides a sound-to-speech solution to detect sound signals in an acoustically challenging environment, such as in vehicles. The product suite includes a microphone array and software. Kardome’s technology has an innovative function that can detect and analyse multi-source speech signals simultaneously. Its product can be embedded in voice-controlled devices, tablets and cellphones, speakerphones and conference call devices… 


3. Loop, a new generation of earplugs – Belgium

Loop is offering new generation earplugs that protects hearing without ruining looks. These next generation earplugs have a high-end design and don’t distort sound quality. Instead of blocking sound waves, the earplugs lower all frequencies equally, delivering a balanced acoustic filter of exactly 20 decibels. Thanks to this, music and speech remain clear, but at a lower volume.


4. Sharing OS, sustainable solutions for mobility sharing operators – UK

SharingOS is a global mobility sharing platform that enables effortless, plug-and-play and sustainable solutions for partners to thrive in mobility sharing markets worldwide. SharingOS provides easily operable and reliable hardware & software solutions for mobility sharing operators to run their schemes efficiently and sustainably.


5. Shadow Robot Company, the robotic hands developer – UK  

Shadow Robot Company develops robotic hands for grasping and manipulation. Focused on the R&D and engineering sectors, Shadow offers an advanced manipulation robot for engineering companies, such as in nuclear, offshore and pharmaceuticals. Furthermore, Shadow is developing a robotic solution for human-scale manipulation in telepresence. Shadow Robot Company ranks in the top 10 UK tech startups rated by Early Metrics in 2019


6. My Cyber Royaume, the virtual reality program designer – France

My Cyber Royaume develops and markets virtual reality programmes for health professionals (geriatricians, neurologists, psychiatrists). The Good Cells Villa software and its four modules (Prev, Enjoy, Treat and Access) allow the management of patients with pathologies leading to cognitive or mild motor impairment. Moreover, the software encourages prevention and stimulates the active participation of patients.


7. Vivoka, voice recognition solutions for professionals – France

Vivoka is a French company specialized in voice recognition for professionals. For the past 5 years, they have been developing cutting-edge technology to understand and interpret human language. Applications are multiple, as are the sectors to which they relate, where specialized voice assistants can be deployed. 


8. Vivid Q, the creator of 3D holograms – UK

The UK startup VividQ is a complete software framework for holographic 3D display and point cloud processing. VividQ’s Core software enables the processing of light as it is projected from an object, and thus computes holographic light patterns, enabling a true generation of 3D holograms. 


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