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EM Pitching – Listen & Learn: Tech for Customer Satisfaction

The advent of social media and the rise of e-commerce have profoundly changed the way people interact with brands. Customers are overwhelmed by choice making them less attentive to your brand messages and less loyal. Inevitably, this also impacts the cost of acquisition and even more so the cost of retention.  On top of this, … Read more

Legaltech Matchmaking – 5 March 2020, London

A chance to meet major law firms in an evening of facilitated speed networking. Early Metrics and AI for Services, part of the KTN and Innovate UK networks, are proud to host an exclusive Legaltech Matchmaking event on Thursday 5 March in London. This session will offer innovative startups the chance to meet one-to-one with leading law … Read more

AI for Services: Insurtech Matchmaking Event

A chance to meet leading insurance firms in an evening of facilitated speed networking AI for Services, in partnership with Early Metrics, is hosting an exclusive Insurtech Matchmaking event on Thursday 30th January in London. This session will offer innovative AI & Data start-ups the opportunity to meet leading organisations and commercial partners in the insurance … Read more

Infographic – Trends to Watch in Customer Experience

How will voice-activated devices disrupt the customer journey? How can brands use omnichannel strategies to build loyalty? Will mobile payment become the norm for in-store purchases? Early Metrics has put together a handy infographic highlighting key statistics and trends that are shaping the customer experience of tomorrow. Complete the form below to download this infographic … Read more

3 startups set to improve workplace equality

More and more business owners, from large corporate executives to small startup leaders, are taking stock of the negative effects that workplace inequalities have. Indeed they can significantly impact productivity, safety, employee retention and ultimately hurt the overall health of the business.  On the flip-side, making sure equal opportunities and rewards are offered to employees … Read more

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