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News and Trends

Infographic – Customer Experience in Health Insurance

The health insurance sector is seeing increased consumer demand for digital tools and solutions that will help incentivise healthy habits, decrease health costs and embrace convenience. Customers are becoming increasingly health-conscious and even more so due to the threat of the coronavirus pandemic. This trend has impacted multiple sectors, with health insurance being one of … Read more

Capgemini & Early Metrics: The Future of Work is here

As Christian Tooley, Senior Management Consultant at Capgemini Invent, pointed out, we are currently experiencing the largest ever experiment on new and remote ways of working. While “the future of work” was already a buzz-worthy topic before this, the coronavirus pandemic has now thrusted it to the top of the list. Now, all companies have … Read more

Infographic – Key stats and trends in Green Real Estate

Construction and real estate are some of the most polluting industries. But, emerging technologies, startups and regulations are encouraging a shift towards smarter, greener building construction and management. In this infographic, we summarise some of the key statistics and trends in the green real estate space. Despite some remaining naysayers, the negative impact of anthropogenic … Read more

Infographic – Waste Management 2.0

How much waste is produced and how this waste is managed has a massive impact on climate change and should be a central element of any CSR plan. We take a look at the trends and solutions surrounding this topic. Data shows that countries throughout the world have been producing more waste over the years, … Read more

Infographic – Trends to Watch in Customer Experience

How will voice-activated devices disrupt the customer journey? How can brands use omnichannel strategies to build loyalty? Will mobile payment become the norm for in-store purchases? Early Metrics has put together a handy infographic highlighting key statistics and trends that are shaping the customer experience of tomorrow. Complete the form below to download this infographic … Read more

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