News and Trends

News and Trends

Infographic – Trends to Watch in Customer Experience

How will voice-activated devices disrupt the customer journey? How can brands use omnichannel strategies to build loyalty? Will mobile payment become the norm for in-store purchases? Early Metrics has put together a handy infographic highlighting key statistics and trends that are shaping the customer experience of tomorrow. Complete the form below to download this infographic … Read more

Study – Vivatech: How startups view the future of the European tech ecosystem

In an uncertain economic and political context, 91% of European startups rated by Early Metrics consider that innovation in Europe has a bright future ahead. Nevertheless, 28% of them also believe that compliance with European regulations (RGPD, MiFIDII …) burdens their activity, and 15% see their international expansion directly impacted by Brexit.   April 30, … Read more

Etude Vivatech – L’avis des startups sur l’avenir de l’écosystème tech européen

Dans un contexte économique et politique incertain et à l’occasion de Vivatechnology 2019, 91% des startups européennes, notées par Early Metrics, considèrent que l’innovation en Europe est promise à un bel avenir. Néanmoins, 28% d’entre elles estiment aussi que la mise en conformité avec les réglementations européennes (RGPD, MiFIDII…) pèse sur leur activité, et 15% … Read more

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