News and Trends

News and Trends

A new AI-led approach to credit risk and retailer financing

It can be a real struggle to find the funds to grow in visibility and size for a retail business, especially in the age of giant online marketplaces of the likes of Amazon and Alibaba.  Small merchants are more vulnerable to volatile demand and to disruptions in the supply chain, making their lack of liquidity … Read more

The abolition of unproductive meetings, a quiet revolution

The coronavirus pandemic has made the demand for digital productivity tools even greater than before and to some extent, it has also made workers more aware of the burden of unproductive meetings. As teams were forced into remote work overnight, many realised the need to create digital spaces for informal project planning and idea exchanges … Read more

The Future of Online Banking is Neon Bright

The banking industry has seen significant transformation over the past years. Traditional banking institutions are now competing with startups and challenger banks looking to offer consumers new ways of managing their spending and investments. At the centre of it all, online or mobile banking is increasingly becoming the new norm, representing a shift towards providing … Read more

Gojob, the temporary work matchmaker

The prevalence of temporary staffing has been growing continuously in the past 10 years, partly fuelled by the advent of the gig economy and e-commerce tech groups. While temporary work entails many benefits from workers (flexible hours, greater freedom in tasks…) and businesses (quick acquisition, fresh ideas…) it also brings its fair share of problems. … Read more

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