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News and Trends

Infographic – Key stats and trends in Green Real Estate

Construction and real estate are some of the most polluting industries. But, emerging technologies, startups and regulations are encouraging a shift towards smarter, greener building construction and management. In this infographic, we summarise some of the key statistics and trends in the green real estate space. Despite some remaining naysayers, the negative impact of anthropogenic … Read more

Infographic – Waste Management 2.0

How much waste is produced and how this waste is managed has a massive impact on climate change and should be a central element of any CSR plan. We take a look at the trends and solutions surrounding this topic. Data shows that countries throughout the world have been producing more waste over the years, … Read more

Women Talk Tech – Episode 4: Emma Rees, CEO at Deployed

As part of our Women Talk Tech series, we reached out to leading female voices from different areas of the UK tech ecosystem and gathered their insights into tech trends, gender diversity and more. In this last episode, we speak to Emma Rees, co-founder of Deployed. Emma Rees has built very different businesses throughout her life. … Read more

Tech sovereignty: what’s driving Europe’s stance on foreign VC investments?

While Europe’s technology consumption is dominated by giant foreign tech groups, the continent is now setting up a strategy to grow its own. The European Union recently outlined an attempt to restore what officials called “technological sovereignty” seeking tougher regulation of the world’s biggest tech platforms, new rules to protect strategic areas and more public … Read more

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