Cocktail 2.0 – Starring robot Barsys as Tom Cruise

By Katerina Mansour - 03 September 2019

Opening your own bar: many of us have had this dream at one point in our life. After all, being your own boss, making money off your passion for alcoholic beverages and being at the heart of your city’s nightlife sounds like the perfect plan. You’ve most likely kept this dream on the backburner (or hidden at the back of your liquor cabinet). However, in June 2014, Barsys entered the market with a product that could reignite that flame.

All jokes aside, with as many bars, clubs and restaurants as there are in the United States, Barsys is an exciting new tool that brings innovation to the world of mixology. The New York-based startup has developed an automated cocktail maker, that is sure to impress.

If you like Piña Colada…

On top of its sleek design, the machine guarantees your drinks will be made in under 45 seconds, most of which can even be prepared in under 20 seconds. You control the machine through a dedicated app that comes with 2,000 recipes and the ability for users to add their own. The sky’s the limit considering you can add up to five bottles of spirits or liquors and three mixers.

The company was recently rated by Early Metrics, garnering an impressive score with placed it in the top 8% of the 2,600 rated startups. Barsys clearly benefits from a large addressable market in the United States, on top of a favourable competitive landscape. Indeed, most of its direct competitors are fellow startups whose machines are typically more limited in terms of customisation and number of recipes.


Millennial cocktail addiction

This cocktail-centric solution seems like a perfect response to the increased popularity of cocktail consumption. Reportedly 41% of millennials prefer liquors and spirits to beer or wine, which might explain why restaurants increased the number of cocktails in their menus by 15% between 2015 and 2017.

On top of helping businesses ride the wave of this growing cocktail trend, Barsys is also a practical solution that reduces costs linked to personnel and minimises waste thanks to precision dosing. Moreover, by leveraging artificial intelligence, Barsys 2.0 also helps you ensure the consistent quality of your drinks.

Rise of the robot bartenders

You might be a bit concerned right now, thinking back to when Elon Musk warned us that robots will do everything better than us in the future. However, Barsys is arguably more a solution to free up time for bartenders, rather than a real threat to their job security. After all, a robot surely won’t listen to your drunken sorrows or replicate Tom Cruise’s acrobatic mixology:


via Gfycat


On the other hand, while bars and nightclubs continue to see large numbers of customers, studies have also shown that about 55% of Americans prefer drinking at home. But while the rise in popularity of DIY cocktails seems clear, we can all relate to the sheer struggle of actually mixing our own cocktails and the disappointment when we end up with a less than appealing result.

Barsys is changing the game for those of us willing to make the hefty investment: $1,500 for the Barsys 2.0. On top of being able to create any classic cocktail you want within seconds, you can also tap into your creative juices to design your own unique cocktails without actually having to make them yourself.


We’re truly living in the future: let Alexa play music and dim the lights while Barsys serves your friends with the perfect drinks.

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