DCbrain :Your physical network, digitalised

By Soline Kauffmann-Tourkestansky - 08 June 2017

How to ensure the reliability and the optimisation of industrial networks? This is the challenge DCbrain, a company Early Metrics rated in January 2017, is solving. With its digital network software, DCbrain gathers data from all physical networks — from utilities, industrial infrastructures, complex buildings, logisticians… — and creates a live digital copy.

Beyond a better understanding of the flow patterns and optimization of the default rate and over/under consumption, the main breakthrough lies in the ability to prevent future anomalies (leaks, drifts, incidents…) and simulates what would happen (what if scenarii). Let’s imagine I run the power grid for the city of London. I have been notified by the Town Hall that big construction work will require to shut down an important artery of my network for a couple of days. Thanks to DCbrain I can simulate the impact of closing this part of the network and see what changes are needed to smooth out the power shutdown.

François and Arnaud, the 2 cofounders, have extensive experience in R&D for complex infrastructure and built the core of the product themselves. François is in charge of the software development with his team and is based in Lannion, Brittany — the former leading city for telecom R&D. Arnaud is in Paris and takes care of the machine learning and algorithmics. The two tech founders are joined by Benjamin, who brings in his strong business skills to the team.

With its complementary team, the startup is currently on the edge of validating its market-fit. DCbrain has already been testing the solution on a dozen of clients — including top industrial players such as Total, Enedis or SNCF. In the next few months, they will have to demonstrate their ability to turn pilots and PoCs into real large-scale contracts — testing thus both their negotiation skills and the technical ability to scale up. This conversion is not made easy as the landscape remains competitive — large blue chip companies as well as startups. Indeed, some players specialized in building/power/water infrastructures are already closely tied with large incumbents and might curb DCbrain’s deployment.

As DCbrain prepares to tackle these challenges and roll out their first industrial contracts, Early Metrics wishes the team all the best!

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