EM Pitching – Listen & Learn: Tech for Customer Satisfaction

By Anais Masetti - 16 January 2020

The advent of social media and the rise of e-commerce have profoundly changed the way people interact with brands. Customers are overwhelmed by choice making them less attentive to your brand messages and less loyal. Inevitably, this also impacts the cost of acquisition and even more so the cost of retention

On top of this, customers not only expect instantaneous 24/7 support but they are also very vocal about how they feel about your company and products. Beyond the quality of the product or service, customers want to have an emotional connection to the brand: what’s their personality, what do they stand for and is that aligned with my values, do they understand my aspirations, if they were an emoji which one would they be… These are all questions that modern consumers ask themselves and that (sometimes unconsciously) guide their behaviour. Questions that new trendy brands often respond to better than incumbents

Startups and their innovative solutions represent a remarkable resource for large companies wanting to tackle these challenges and improve customer satisfaction. That is why, for this 12th EM Pitching Listen & Learn: Tech for Customer Satisfaction, held on January 14 2020 in Paris, we decided to delve deeper into the solutions arising from the startup ecosystem. 

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We looked in particular at:

– how chatbots and AI can be used to automate support, making the customer feel like they have continuous interactions;

– how digital loyalty programs can leverage data to provide the right reward at the right time as well as facilitated ROI tracking;

– how important personalisation is to gain a competitive advantage;

– and last but not least, how user-generated content, influencer marketing and other community-based solutions can federate your customer base on the long run. 

But the real stars of the night were the three startups rated by Early Metrics and selected to pitch: Myrissi, Mediatech-Cx and Qºemotion. Download the slides to learn more about these startups and the event.

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