Why should you get rated?

Turn your dreams into reality

The startup ecosystem is constantly growing, in fields as varied as health, mobility, finance, etc. At the heart of this growth, driven by values and a desire to share, you have just given life to your innovative project. It is now time to make yourself known and create your place on the market. The Early Metrics rating allows you to draw up a portrait of your project and highlight its growth potential with a scientific and objective approach.

Measure your growth potential

How does the Early Metrics rating work? Our qualified analysts will meet with you for an interview to study three fundamental pillars: the management team, the project and the market. At the end of this meeting, a report is formalised to accompany the rating.

Make your project stand out

The Early Metrics rating allows you to position yourself among more than 3,500 rated companies while highlighting your strengths and levers for improvement. Are you in the top 10% or 5% of rated startups? Then, put your project in the spotlight.

Leverage your rating to connect

Being rated by Early Metrics is an experience you can live one or more times during your entrepreneurial life. It will allow you to get in touch with relevant actors of the innovation ecosystem and to promote your project to future partners, potential buyers, investors or clients. Early Metrics' proven methodology and our backtesting work ensure you receive a proven evaluation that is known in the market as a reference for transparency and objectivity.

“Efficient process. The preparation of the documentation is not as time-consuming as we thought. The rating interview is very detailed, especially about competition.” - Renovation Man, Rated Company
“This was the first time Arilyn was evaluated and rated so I found the whole process highly interesting and learned a lot from the feedback.” - Arilyn, Rated Company



Presentation of the process to the evaluated startup


Interview between the founders of the startup and an Early Metrics analyst


Formalisation of the rating and writing of the report by a trio made of an Early Metrics analyst, reviewer and editor.


Reference collection from internal and external stakeholders


Announcement of the rating to the startup's management team by the analyst


Client presentation of the rating report

Our 3 main pillars


  • – Founder skills and expertise
  • – Teamwork and compatibility
  • – Financial incentive


  • – Product development roadmap
  • – Product technical maturity
  • – Level of innovation


  • – Addressable market size
  • – Defensibility
  • – Terms of competitiveness

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