Gait Up : Make sense of motion

By Elia Pradel - 29 January 2018

At Early Metrics, the health of our readers is of the upmost importance, that’s why we’ve decided to start 2018 by featuring a #medtech startup that will help you keep THAT New Year resolution (yes, the one about doing more sport).

Reader, meet Gait Up, a Swiss #medtech startup rated by Early Metrics in September 2017.

Launched in 2013, Gait Up has developed wearable devices capturing and analysing data through motion sensors, with an accuracy rivaling that of legacy motion labs. The technology is based on a proprietary algorithm. If the package sensor/software is designed for health services (geriatrics, re-education), the sensors alone can also be used by R&D laboratories.

Founded by Benoît Mariani, who completed a thesis at the Polytechnical School of Lausanne, the company has achieved key milestones in terms of customers acquisition and growth.

Gait Up’s main strengths rely on the accuracy of its algorithms and its capacity to cover the whole value chain (hardware, software, and data analysis).

In addition, the versatility of its licensing library is also a competitive advantage, allowing Gait Up to deploy its consumer wearables through partners for example.

Despite these strengths Gait Up faces two challenges. On the one hand, product complexity requires long R&D and highly skilled PhD profiles which are hard to come by. On the other hand, a heterogeneous market with big corporate players getting in the field and other startup competitors may be a threat to the Swiss venture.

However thanks to their strategic commercial pivoting, the team has been able to diversify their revenue streams and undergo rapid growth.

Early Metrics looks forward to see what’s next and wishes the Gait Up team success in the future!

The Early Metrics team

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