Gallery – EM Pitching in London: You and your customers in 2025

By Anais Masetti - 10 May 2019

On May 9th at Browne Jacobson’s London HQ, we had the pleasure of having three brilliant startups rated by Early Metrics pitch their innovative solutions at the third UK EM Pitching night. These young businesses are developping new technologies and innovative approaches that are bound to change the dynamic between traditional industry players and their customers.

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Sthaler (FingoPay) 

FingoPay uses cutting-edge vein scanning technology to validate payments. By linking your finger’s vein pattern to your bank account, you could pay for a pint at Coachella by simple scanning your index. This biometric technique is more secure than fingerprint recognition (for instance, you can’t cut off a finger and use it as it needs to be attached to live body) and allows seamless payment experience.


The startup provides a SaaS platform that allows sales professionals to analyse the reading behaviour of their customers and prospects on their sales material. This enables them to monitor which pages of a proposal was read the longest, how many people read the document or even what device the document was read on – valuable insights which can then inform follow-up and increase conversion rate.

Naked Energy

This company has designed an innovative modular solar energy unit (Virtu) which generates both heat and power. The key differentiating factor of this product is that it is much smaller than regular solar panels and therefore allows to generate more energy with less space – consequently cutting costs for businesses that want to go green.

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