Gojob, the temporary work matchmaker

By Héloïse Frantz - 29 January 2020

The prevalence of temporary staffing has been growing continuously in the past 10 years, partly fuelled by the advent of the gig economy and e-commerce tech groups. While temporary work entails many benefits from workers (flexible hours, greater freedom in tasks…) and businesses (quick acquisition, fresh ideas…) it also brings its fair share of problems.

Gojob is among the most promising French HR tech startups Early Metrics has had the chance to rate and is becoming a key player in the European temp work area. Indeed, the startup started the new decade with a bang, raising €11 million.

Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) and matching algorithms, the startup succeeded in revamping the sector of temporary work, tackling its most common problems such as absenteeism, low worker protection and delayed payment.

Matching algorithms to find the perfect candidates

GoJob is a digital employment agency that connects companies and temporary workers through a platform. On the one hand, the startup allows companies to quickly find qualified workers. On the other hand, temp job seekers (dubbed “GoJobbers”) carry out missions with a decent salary and all social benefits. These include contributions to their pension, health insurance and unemployment cover.

Launched in 2015, the startup is already a leading actor in its sector. Its 100% digital approach enables to respond faster to employer demand and to suggest better candidates for the missions.

Candidates are chosen thanks to a matching algorithm based on interpersonal skills, such as motivation and mobility. Their level of skill is calculated by crossing data from interviews, social networks and ratings of previous assignments (punctuality, ability to work in a team, etc.).

Thanks to its use of AI, Gojob is able to find the ideal candidate for a temporary work in less than 4 hours, when traditional players usually need a day. By offering them a real employment contract, the startup is also able to protect the workers and prevent common issues of absenteeism and loyalty.

A foundation to hack unemployment

Similarly to what the rated startup Bimbamjob offers, Gojob has created a foundation in order to support people excluded from the labour market in their reintegration. Job seekers can thus benefit from training courses and get help to redefine their professional prospects.

Through this foundation, the startup aims to enable everyone to find a decent job without discrimination. And it’s not all talk: in 2019, the 7,000 “Gojobbers” received an average salary 40% higher than the minimum wage. More than half of them don’t have any diploma.

Top 5% out of over 2,500 startups

GoJob received a high growth potential score from Early Metrics in November 2019. With a grade of 84/100, they rank among the top 5% of rated startups in B2B Software & Solutions.

This score was motivated by the very strong management team, who benefit from a dense professional network. The founder, Pascal Lorne, also demonstrated a strong commercial expertise thanks to his previous successful entrepreneurship projects.

According to the Early Metrics methodology, the project also scored very high thanks to the maturity of the offer which is market-ready and has proven to bring real innovation in the recruitment process of temporary workers for large companies and SMEs.

We are proud to count Gojob among our best rated startups and we will be sure to follow how their future growth will unfold.

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