Hevo Power : The ultimate EV charging experience

By Elia Pradel - 30 March 2018

Electric cars, along with pay-per-use models and ride-hailing, are shaking up the traditional auto industry model. Global firms alongside startups are racing to get ahead in the fast-growing electric car market to avoid falling behind.

Meet Hevo Power, an American startup rated by Early Metrics in November 2017.

Launched in 2011, Hevo Power designs and sells wireless electric car charging power stations. The product is made of a charging station (in surface or recessed in the ground) transmitting energy to a receiver set up in a fixed manner on any electric vehicle. Large corporations such as Engie can use Hevo Power to improve the customer experience and drive a relevant energy policy thanks to the data collected. They also offer to the users an application to geolocate the power stations and track the level of battery charge.

Thanks to their expertise the founders, Jeremy Mc Cool – a former US Army Captain – and Matthew S.Bradfield – who has years of experience in the energy sector, have been able to build a strong expertise of the electrical charging terminals market.

In addition to that, they developed a sharp knowledge of the competitive environment and the trends of the market and managed to differentiate on the value proposition. Finally, the time to market is ideal with a double-digit growth of the electric car market.

The main challenges of the team will be on the industrial and commercial sides as they will have to support their growth and expansion in Europe.

Early Metrics looks forward to seeing the Hevo Power charging stations on the roads, and wishes the whole team best of luck for the future!


The Early Metrics team

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