How can startups help you achieve your sustainability goals faster?

By Katerina Mansour - 20 January 2023

Sustainability has been the word on everybody’s lips for the past few years. As reports show the mounting urgency of the climate crisis the Earth faces today, consumers are demanding change. In turn, businesses are increasingly recognising the need for them to adopt more sustainable practices across their operations. To help accompany you, we recently hosted a webinar that delved into concrete ways your company can collaborate with startups to accelerate your adoption of more sustainable practices and business models. This webinar will provide you with the keys to moving your sustainability strategy forward.

Your sustainability needs today

Although research shows 90% of executives believe sustainability is important, only 60% of organisations have sustainability strategies according to the World Economic forum. This illustrates the fact that many barriers still impede proper adoption and implementation of sustainability in the corporate world. Here’s how our webinar tackles your individual needs today:

You manage an open innovation department:

Open innovation departments are no strangers to the benefits of collaborating with startups – the two go hand-in-hand. Indeed, open innovation is often touted as a method to help drive sustainability in businesses. For your department, it’s key to:

  • discover innovative partners or potential investment targets
  • ensure a continuous flow of startups for your technology watch
  • identify emerging trends, technologies and solutions for a specific topic

This webinar will specifically target that 3rd need. You will identify technologies and solutions to improve the sustainability of your department and your company’s daily operations, products and services.

You manage a procurement department:

Sustainable procurement is highly beneficial to corporates as it provides security and stability to a business while also reducing costs and improving brand image. Indeed, the impact sustainable procurement can have is vast. It can mean achieving improved energy efficiency, lower supplier risk, better regulatory compliance, higher performance levels and more.

With this webinar, you will identify key opportunities your department can leverage to reach the aforementioned results. It will also highlight innovative startups in this space your department may wish to work with.

Early Metrics’ expertise at your disposal

Early Metrics is a rating and research startup agency that has rated over 4,000 startups across 18 industries for more than 280 clients worldwide. We actively support general management, strategy and innovation departments, business units and finance and M&A departments.

Over the years, we have helped connect corporate clients across all sectors with innovative startups offering solutions that answered their needs. Indeed, whether you’re looking to reduce costs, increase productivity, attract new talent, meet regulatory demands, improve your brand image or simply stay on top of recent innovation, we believe that collaborating with startups can be the key to achieving your sustainability goals.

The webinar’s content

This webinar presents technologies, solutions and use cases that will give you a clear picture of how your company can bolster its sustainability strategy today. Based on their research of recent startup-corporate collaborations and emerging sustainability solutions, our analysts defined 3 key areas your business can tackle today as part of its sustainability efforts. Within each segment, we looked at:

  • 4 key opportunities you can take action on
  • The environmental impact and ease of implement of each action
  • Startups addressing the challenges you currently face
  • Relevant examples of recent startup-corporate collaborations

The 3 sustainability goals startups can help accelerate

1. Decarbonizing logistics and production chains

Logistics and production chains are typically known to emit high amounts of carbon emissions. As a result, it’s been a mission for many years now for businesses to find and adopt more eco-friendly methods. Product design, procurement, packaging, transportation, fleet management and product end of life management are all areas in which startups provide innovative solutions to help reduce businesses’ impact.

2. Adopting new business models that combine growth and sustainability goals

Implementing more sustainable practices can be a costly initiative. As a result, this can lead to some reticence or fears for businesses in terms of the viability of changing their models to become more sustainable. However, there are many ways in which financial growth and sustainability can be reconciled. In this section we discussed key opportunities such as becoming a participant in the circular economy, creating value from surplus or unsold goods, energy co-creation and more.

3. Allying carbon footprint reduction and financial savings through responsable purchasing

Lastly, we looked in-depth at the role of purchasing. Once again, there are many startup solutions that tackle various aspects of a company’s purchasing processes. Examples we covered include tools to measure your carbon footprint, the reuse and upcycling of equipment, sustainable office design and tools to analyse the environmental impact of your transactions.

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