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B2B equipment covers the solutions helping corporates improve their operations, from increasing the yield of their supply chain, to making personalized solutions for their client, while increasing the safety of workers. With the rise of e-commerce, making sure customers can receive their products on time, with a personalized and digital experience has become a must for corporates.

IoT sensors have been a major enabler on this industrial market, giving managers a precise overview of plants. Combined with artificial intelligence, IoT also helps them identify faster machinery incidents, defaults in product or worker accidents. Although the price of IoT sensors decreased because of the evolution of the technology, connected plants are not widely spread today as they require important investments in time and money to obtain useful results.

The rise of concerns on data and its use is also holding back the global spread of connected industrial equipment for workers, worried about being spied on while they work.

Tech startups have emerged in the last years focused on developing software solutions to integrate to existing IoT sensors, providing corporate a global overview of their industrial plants, often offering developments upon request to adapt their solution to corporate needs: computer vision to identify defaults in metal spare parts, environmentally friendly raw materials, connected insoles to prevent fall from workers, connected labels on packaging giving customers an opportunity to interact with brands after buying a product.

Early Metrics helps clients navigate this dense startup ecosystem and enter the Industry 4.0. We support them in their investment decisions and their search for innovative partners who can tackle the ongoing challenges faced in today's corporate world.

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