of expected growth
of the connected home market (2020-2023)


of expected growth
of the smart city market (2018-2022)


CAGR of the global
real estate services market (2019-2023)

Industry Spotlight

Construction and real estate companies are facing two main types of challenges today.

On the one hand, the rising expectations regarding the environmental impact of buildings, infrastructure and cities, encouraged by new regulations, cannot be ignored.

On the other hand, the growing desire to improve the efficiency of the sector and to respond more closely to the needs of users underpins a growing search for productivity.

These challenges are compounded with international competition, leading to additional cost pressure.

In this context, an ecosystem of dynamic proptech and construction startups is emerging. Its participants are developing a myriad of innovative solutions including new insulation materials (such as plant walls), new construction processes (such as 3D printing) and introducing sensors into facilities to monitor and manage energy consumption.

Early Metrics helps large construction and real estate companies navigate this innovation ecosystem, supporting both their investment decisions and their search for innovative partners.

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