29 %

of construction companies use BIM


Number of low-emissions buildings certified in Europe in 2019

+44,8 %

CAGR of the proptech market

Smart buildings and improved construction processes

The construction sector is moving at a fast pace after several years of delay. Thanks to data and sensors, it is now possible to monitor a building in real-time throughout its lifecycle. On-site solutions help reduce the safety risks for operators and accurately measure the quality of a building. Inspired by the fintech sector, proptech solutions help real estate companies better manage and sell their assets.

These challenges are compounded with international competition, leading to additional cost pressure.

In this context, an ecosystem of dynamic proptech and construction startups is emerging. Its participants are developing a myriad of innovative solutions including new insulation materials (such as plant walls), new construction processes (such as 3D printing) and introducing sensors into facilities to monitor and manage energy consumption.

Early Metrics helps large construction and real estate companies navigate this innovation ecosystem, supporting both their investment decisions and their search for innovative partners.

Data analytics and robotics leading the way

BIM technology is now mature and offers the ability to simulate a building's energy consumption through its lifecycle, in addition to sharing models with other stakeholders. Thanks to sensors, startups develop predictive models to monitor energy consumption in real-time.

Startups develop better equipment for on-site usage, which help operators prevent falls or accidents with machinery. Robots are slowly integrating building sites, increasing the speed of construction processes and accessing dangerous areas.

Innovation is also driven by new materials. Thanks to local recycling processes, waste is turned into raw materials that are later reused in construction. Photovoltaic panels and wind turbines are now increasingly included in projects.

Monitoring energy consumption and increasing safety

Real estate companies benefit from IoT solutions to monitor their assets in real-time, anticipating consumption peaks. This reduces energy consumption and facilitates energy billing for buildings.

Constructors use data and BIM models to create smart buildings and ensuring smooth collaboration with all the stakeholders on-site. By providing better equipment to operators, they increase safety on-site, and teach operators how to prevent accidents.

The deployment of robots and 3D-printing helps constructors gain in quality and margin. To reduce carbon emissions, constructors are encouraged by regulations to invest in recycling processes .

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