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CAGR in the global big data
analytics market in banking (2019-2025)


CAGR in the global artificial
intelligence market in banking (2019-2026)

Industry Spotlight

Challenges facing corporate investment banking are related to decreasing profitability, higher capital charges, a fixed cost base, and inflexible tech layers despite increasing regulatory complexity.

Fintechs are developing innovative solutions for collateral and capital management to help banks optimise their assets and operations. For instance, new trading systems are emerging to transform legacy processes. Other startups are developing customer-centric solutions that allow banks to put the client at the heart of their operating models.

Moreover, startups focusing on improvements in data quality and analytics help reduce data silos and leverage internal data, while those in security and surveillance support banks in adapting to increasingly complex regulations.

Early Metrics helps investment banks find the best partners for front-office (investment, trading and research), mid-tier and back-office functions.

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