Expected value of the global investment banking by 2023


Decrease in value of the global wealth management market in 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic

$147 trillion

Expected value of assets under management (AUM) in 2025

Making investment banking and wealth management more sustainable and digital

Investment banking and wealth management players need to provide a higher level of service than retail banking ones. As margins are higher, the sector may have been more reluctant to go digital than retail banking, handling greater volumes. But with the era of Covid-19, the decline in turnover, and impact investing attracting younger consumers, the sector is now pushed towards greater digitalisation.

Fintechs automating wealth management advice and aggregating valuable data for CIBs

The client who invests his assets needs advice in order to subscribe to the best-suited offer. Fintechs are digitising this advice via robo advisors that model and take into account the investment profile of each client, with increasing relevance and accuracy as the technology is maturing rapidly.

In addition, some startups may have better expertise in certain investment products than traditional managers, especially in cryptocurrencies and crypto assets.

An investment bank cannot fully automate its advice given the complexity of the transactions it processes. On the other hand, it can get a helping hand from startups that aggregate more up-to-date and high-quality data, in order to provide their analysts with as much information as possible.

Empowering wealth management and investment banking analysts with new technologies

Many startups can provide automated advisory solutions via chatbots and be valuable allies for wealth management funds. Indeed, these robo advisors can allow asset managers to focus on the tasks with higher added value.

New clienteles are increasingly looking for impact investing offers, through which they can put their money towards a more sustainble and ethical future. They will want transparent information on their investments, so data aggregation and analytics provided by white label fintech solutions could satisfy this new demand.

Data analytics startups can also support analysts in their research. Thanks to their technology, some time-consuming tasks like AML or KYC can thus be automated.

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