expected value of the European
SaaS market by 2025
(Statista, 2020)


est. spending on cybersecurity
worldwide in 2020
(Statista, 2020)

Startups, your allies in building the corporate services of the future

Corporates are increasingly looking to find third-party solutions to keep up with the pace of change in consumer expectations and improve their internal processes.

This represents an opportunity for companies offering B2B services, software, and tools. However, corporate service providers also need to stay on top of the latest tech trends to face the rising competition from newcomers. Startups can of course be your allies or a source of inspiration for your future development.

Answering to the acceleration in the digital transformation of companies

With teams going remote overnight, the Covid-19 pandemic has forced corporates to dramatically speed up their digital transformation. The demand and offer for digital productivity tools and services will continue to grow exponentially in the near future. Likewise, cloud-based digital infrastructure services represent a fertile ground for growth, albeit being a dense segment already.

In parallel to rapid digitalisation, the rise in cyber threats and attacks demands better cybersecurity practices within corporates. Startups are developing new solutions to automate the detection of vulnerabilities within large and distributed workforces, thus addressing a gap in the market.

Another risk associated with rapid digital transformation lies in the skill gaps within workforces. Professional training powered by edtech or educational technology will, therefore, be a segment to watch.

Adapting your offer to respond to new environmental and social challenges

As evidenced by the recent protests, companies are increasingly pressured to address three sector-agnostic issues:
- The lack of diversity and presence of racial bias within the workforce
- The environmental impact of traditional business practices
- The deterioration of mental wellbeing at work

Many businesses are keen to show they are proactive in tackling these three challenges but may lack the tools to do so. Many tech-enabled HR and CSR solutions are emerging, with the potential to help companies identify how they can improve their internal processes and implement meaningful change.

While there are many innovative solutions out there, this space can be difficult to navigate. Early Metrics has in-depth expertise in the B2B startup ecosystem, so we can support you in finding top innovative companies to join forces with. In turn, by leveraging startup solutions, you will be able to empower the evolution of your clients - be it in their digital transformation, CSR strategy, or IT infrastructure.

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