of corporate funding in battery storage,
smart grid, and energy efficiency startups in 2019


invested in global 
green energy in 2019


CAGR in the global
smart grid market (2018-2023)

Industry Spotlight

The industry’s current key challenges are often summarised with three Ds: decarbonization, decentralisation, and digitalization.

Major technological breakthroughs introduced by startups are empowering the shift towards these new models. For instance, the fall in solar panel costs and advances made in battery storage technologies are key in the movement towards greener energy. Blockchain is reshaping distribution models and fully decentralised networks have given rise to peer-to-peer energy trading.

Early Metrics has an extensive track record in assisting major companies in tackling these challenges, by identifying disruptive sustainable energy sources or key maintenance solutions, and in defining priorities within the diversity of these challenges.

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Relevant tech trends include…

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Renewable energies

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Storage and decentralised grids

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Ressource management and energy efficiency

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