Global renewable energy market CAGR between 2020 et 2025


CAGR of the global industrial energy efficiency services market between 2020 and 2024


CAGR of the carbon footprint management market between 2020 and 2025

Match energy consumption to new environmental constraints

Resource depletion and climate change push the energy market to re-invent itself. The covid-19 crisis has also exposed the need for change in many sectors (from manufacturing to smart city applications).

Meanwhile, new opportunities for innovation are emerging in areas such as energy efficiency, smart grids, and clean energy (solar panels, wind turbines...).

Innovative solutions to improve energy efficiency

Startups play a crucial role in the development of solutions to address energy-related issues. Indeed, they bring a fresh eye and a new perspective on obsolete initiatives.

Some startups aim to improve the energy efficiency of buildings or even electric vehicles. Others focus on renewable energies (solar, wind, water, biomass,..), energy storage and distribution.

Finally, some startups address the question of energy traceability and certification. This explains the growing use of blockchain solutions, especially in the context of smart grids for peer-to-peer exchanges.

Collaborate with energy startups to save time and minimise costs

By using renewable energies, large corporates could bring their internal processes to be more respectful to the environment.

It would strongly limit greenhouse gas emissions (especially for construction and manufacturing sectors). Corporates could also use electric vehicles in their fleet or deploy IoT devices to monitor their energy consumption.

The rise of technologies like blockchain boosts the emergence of new use cases like renewable energy traceability or peer-to-peer exchanges to make grids smarter.

Thanks to a large panel of rated startups in this field, and a strong knowledge of corporate needs, Early Metrics is able to identify the most relevant and innovative startups.

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