$9.472 Bn

Estimated global Food & Beverage market in 2022
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Total amount of European investments in Foodtech in 2019

+14 %

Global plant-based proteins market CAGR between 2019 and 2025

Radical changes of habits in the consumption of food and beverages

- The food and beverage industry is in the middle of a rapid transformation. This is the result of radical changes in consumption habits, but also thanks to the spread of new technologies. Consumers are looking for an increased plant-based diet, healthier, and locally produced. They also tend to look for an improved traceability of food products.
- Also, the global population growth and the depletion of natural resources bring R&D teams from industrial players to strengthen their innovation processes, especially through collaborating with startups.

Looking for a healthier, greener and more transparent food consumption

The food and beverage industry covers all solutions and services from farm to fork: Agritech and Foodtech. The recent C-19 crisis has accelerated the sector's digital transformation, however, it hasn't impacted the main trends:
- increased demand for healthier and plant-based products, especially plant-based proteins,
- acceleration of innovations around sustainability with a B2B focus (waste management, sustainable packagings, short circuits, and traceability)
- a central position for Biotech, looking to find bio-alternatives to pesticides and fertilizers
- innovative production processes thanks to robotics and IoT
- shorter circuits and e-Grocery for local consumption

Startup solutions for the entire value chain, from AgriTech to FoodTech

Foodtech startups required large initial investments. They can support complex products R&D and industrialisation purposes, but also customer acquisition in B2C startups. Young ventures also benefit from partnerships with industrial players: they can use their production lines, and access regulatory knowledge and resources.

Corporates are the preferred investors as they bring to the table not only their FoodTech and AgriTech expertise, but also global distribution channels. Thanks to startups, they strengthen their product lines, optimise their formulation and manufacturing processes, as well as benefit from a more efficient organisation thanks to shorter circuits.

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