CAGR in the global
foodtech market


invested by VCs in agriculture
and food technologies in 2019


CAGR in the global
vegan food market (2019-2025)

Industry Spotlight

In our ever-evolving society and environment, companies in life sciences and particularly those in food and beverage must transform.

Currently, innovation is struggling to take hold in agriculture and farming. But new data collection and analytics technologies are helping farmers deal with growing pressure on the price of inputs and greater demand for traceability and sustainability.

Moreover, ingredient producers and agro-industrial companies are taking advantage of rising consumer awareness in areas of nutrition and ecological impact to develop plant-based products.

While the startup ecosystem is weak in the processing sector, B2C newcomers are multiplying addressing consumer experience as well as product quality, healthiness and traceability. Downstream, new consumption and delivery methods are also adapting to urban life.

Early Metrics accompanies its food and beverage clients all along the value chain from precision agriculture to the sustainable production of ingredients, passing via industry 4.0 and new modes of consumption.

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