invested on R&I in the European
chemical industry in 2018


CAGR in the global specialty
chemicals market (2019-2026)


CAGR in the global green
chemicals market (2019-2023)

Industry Spotlight

Players in the chemicals industry face constant criticism for their negative impact on the environment and on people's health. Chemical manufacturing that uses organic resources or bio-based products and other forms of green chemistry have thus emerged over recent years.

Startups in the sector are conducting research into alternative raw materials and new processes of extraction and transformation. As the necessary investment in R&D is colossal, startups are turning to corporates for research and production collaborations, as well as to invest, accelerate industrialisation and facilitate access to market.

Early Metrics helps its clients identify possible industrial synergies with top startups. We also provide them with ratings and research to validate the growth potential of early-stage ventures.

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