of global funding in
insurtech in 2019


CAGR in the global 
insurtech market (2019-2023)


CAGR in global AI in
auto insurance market

Industry Spotlight

Insurance companies are facing huge transformation today. For a long time the sector was dominated by large corporates, but new legislations and emerging technologies have rapidly changed the market. For instance, online and digital solutions have simplified purchasing with on-demand, collaborative or low-cost offers. Startups are also bringing transparency through online comparison tools and by automating claims procedures.

The second main revolution after customer experience revolves around data, and especially in moving to predictive models of potential claims to enhance pricing strategies.

Early Metrics helps corporate innovation teams across the insurance sector better understand the next-generation solutions being developed by startups, examining new insurance models as well as automated and data-oriented solutions.

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Relevant tech trends include…

Insurance as a service

Regtech and KYC


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