Global expenditure on telecommunications services in 2020


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Global IoT market value in 2020

The Information and Telecommunications Market, the Cornerstone of Digitalization

Telecommunications companies play a vital role in our economies, and have been particularly important in times of health crisis. With cybersecurity, they must protect the data transmitted through their channels and improve their networks qualities and efficiencies with 5G. This new network will process data locally, in a non-centralized way, improving the safety of those information.

Towards Safer Data with IoT

Large amounts of data are now collected from many sources, including the 31 billion IoT objects currently deployed. Startups create or purchase connected devices and use third parties data providers to provide adequate data insights to their customers.

This increase in the volume of data is accompanied by the modernization of networks via 5G. It reduces the consumption of connected devices and increases their operational duration.

This precious data is more and more shared, especially with the democratization of remote working. This data must therefore be protected by increased efforts in cybersecurity. Startups can answer those challenges, through innovations at the forefront of specific risk typologies.

Mastering Data to Dominate your Market

Startups can advise large groups in detecting cybersecurity vulnerabilities in their IT systems. Beyond the static aspect, they can also alert their customers, isolate affected systems and counter-attack malicious actors.

Early Metrics finds for you the best global startups that will protect you tomorrow.

Well secured, the 5G network and the IoT make it possible to exploit increasingly important data. The creativity and innovation of startups is increasing dramatically. The number of startups providing crucial information for large accounts is growing. Early Metrics helps clients identify the most relevant and resilient innovative companies in this growing ecosystem. As your data is precious, the actors to whom you entrust must be chosen carefully.

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