CAGR in the global entertainment
and media market (2018-2023)


size of the global over-the-top
services market in 2019


size of the global virtual
reality market in 2019

Industry Spotlight

Media is undergoing major shifts across all its activities, from publishing and broadcasting to social networks and job platforms, interrelated to transformations in advertising and marketing.

Consumers are gradually switching to streaming services, preferring video content and prompting new means of distribution.

This fast-paced digitalisation has pushed companies to look for alternative ways of keeping and attracting new audiences (such as with AR/VR) but also of monetising content, as in subscription plans for the online press.
Customer trust also needs to be earned or regained due to the fake news phenomenon. This has fostered the development of AI-based solutions to detect and counter media manipulation.

Early Metrics helps major media companies tackle these challenges and leverage innovative startup solutions for new revenue channels.

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