CAGR in the global
e-health market (2018-2023)


expected growth from
2017 to 2022 for health IoT


invested into healthcare
AI in 2019

Industry Spotlight

The pharmaceutical and healthcare ecosystem is being affected by several growth levers, seen in enriched medication portfolios and accumulating complementary services – including digital.

Large groups are looking to startups for partnership opportunities to enhance their offer. Young ventures are combining new technologies with high-level medical knowledge in specific domains.

The healthcare ecosystem shows a high density of innovation in every part of the value chain: diagnosis, prevention, treatment and follow-up.

Furthermore, capital intensity and regulatory stringency force startups to turn to financial organisations or corporates for support. The need to evangelise the market and increase adoption rates is also a factor in encouraging collaboration.

Early Metrics helps its pharma and healthcare clients to identify relevant startups in several therapeutic areas, all along the medical care journey.

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Relevant tech trends include…

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Telemedecine and digital treatments

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Preventive care

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Silver economy

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