spent worldwide on customer
experience technologies in 2019


invested toward in-store
tech startups globally in 2019


CAGR in the global digital
marketing analytics tool market (2018-2025)

Industry Spotlight

Faced with increasing competition from web-first players and e-commerce giants, historical retail and FMCG groups know the need to cooperate with startups to create innovation strategies and adapt to new customer expectations.

The internet era has led customers to change their buying habits and expectations in terms of digital tools and delivery.

Brick-and-mortar shops have followed suit by integrating their digital infrastructure to bring customers in store. Meanwhile, online players with massive catalogues have also pushed physical stores to adapt their offer through customisation and delivery solutions.

Payments and checkout are also a pain point that retailers want to address with innovative solutions, driven especially by competition from online one-click solutions and offline concepts like Amazon Go, which have emerged in recent years.

Early Metrics has a strong track record with corporate innovation teams in retail and FMCG, helping them to approach next-generation solutions focused on phygital, robotics and data-driven mobile solutions among others.

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Relevant tech trends include…

Immersive and customised shopping experience

Immersive and customised shopping experience

In-store and online analytics

In-store and online analytics

Sustainability startups


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