+23.2 %

CAGR for MAAS solutions between 2020 and 2027
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7 %

Proportion of investments in transportation startups from automotive players

185 %

YoY growth of EV sales between 2019 and 2020
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Shaping the future of smart mobility

As one of the most polluting industries, the transport and mobility sector is changing at a fast pace. Creating relevant transportation means for people, gathering data to prioritize investments in civil works and developing the infrastructures to support future vehicles, including electric vehicles, are some of the challenges faced by enterprises.

Defining relevant networks for smart cities

To promote the use of clean vehicles in the smart city, a denser network of charging stations will be required. Startups develop charging stations and map them to increase electric vehicle autonomy and raise awareness around smart mobility.

Thanks to data and MaaS solutions, transport operators benefit from a real-time overview of their network. This helps them better anticipate busy hours and allocate resources accordingly.

Shared mobility solutions are now mature, no longer limited to scooters. Proper business models have appeared, offering a pay-as-you-go approach to means of transportation.

Increasing employee engagement through smart mobility

As large corporates can apply community business models to their employees, they are often targeted by mobility players.

Shared vehicles offer employees with similar routes the ability to connect, creating a fun experience.

Through real-time data, transport operators can adapt the maintenance and cleaning of their network and better monetise advertising.

Corporates are also encouraged to install charging infrastructures in parking lots to promote sustainable mobility.

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