CAGR in the global
MaaS market (2017-2025)


invested in electric
vehicle startups in 2018


CAGR in the global
car-sharing market (2018-2024)

Industry Spotlight

Mobility has an impact on many aspects of daily life, both for an individual and for the services he or she uses. It cannot be considered as an isolated issue: it depends on many other sectors such as public services, regulations, urban planning and even industrial processes.

Car sales are slowing worldwide. Among the many reasons for this, the growing awareness of environmental issues is certainly a contributing factor.

Startups are moving in this direction because they offer more ecological and cheaper alternatives to owning traditional vehicles (carpooling solutions, electric cars, recharging stations, etc.). In an ecosystem that is dominated by large corporates, they also have a role to play in supplying key elements such as onboard software. Moreover, startups are enabling change in industrial processes and materials which serve both the need for greater sustainability in the automotive industry and for better mobility services.

Early Metrics’ ability to detect the most relevant startups for you can be instrumental in this high-risk and volatile sector.

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Relevant tech trends include…

Mobility as a Service

Electric and Autonomous Vehicles

Car-to-X Communication

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