CAGR of the Ecotourism market from 2018 to 2025


of consumers are shifting spending towards experiential luxury
(BCG Altagamma)


of international travellers want to participate in reducing mass tourism

Ecotoursim and the fast-changing travel demand

The global demand for travel experiences is evolving rapidly. More than ever, the travel industry needs to answer new consumer expectations and concerns.

Europeans want to have greater access to international travel but at the same, they want to limit the environmental impact when travelling. Indeed, growing awareness of the climate crisis among the public is fuelling demand for sustainable tourism or ecotourism. Travellers are also more and more attentive to the ethical impact of certain touristic activities.

While the industry is in the midst of a deep metamorphosis, most of the current players still maintain a conventional and standardised offer.

Tomorrow, the economic performance of travel companies will depend on their ability to renew themselves by offering new experiences, while remaining adaptive to customers needs.

Offering more authentic and engaging travel experiences

The solutions put forward by startups to stimulate the sector are diverse and customer-centric, answering perfectly to challenges currently raised by end-users.

Offers include:
- Rethinking location: combining location data with artificial intelligence to identify new touristic regions and avoid overtourism.

- Rural development: startups focusing on rural areas with the objective of learning while being a part of a community.

- Smart mobility: projects that improve travel quality and build alternative routes to reduce environmental or economic costs.

The sharing economy will also play an important role in giving authenticity to those immersive experiences. For instance, helping travellers to find accommodations that are owned by locals who can offer tours and tips.

Diversification and hyper-personalisation

Corporates can take advantage of the flexibility and innovative essence of startups to drive the development of new products that are more personalised, eco-friendlier, and more attuned to local culture.

This diversification and hyper-personalisation cannot be achieved without a strong technological aspect, which startups integrate by de facto. Tech-enabled personalisation is not only desirable in the product itself, but also in the communication and brand messaging, representing a strong decision-making factor among digital-native consumers.

Early Metrics helps corporates to find, evaluate and leverage those new travel and leisure innovations to ensure a smooth transition in response to the latest industry trends.

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