trillion directly contributed by the travel
and tourism industry to global GDP in 2019


CAGR in the online travel
market (2016-2022)


CAGR in the sustainable
tourism market (2019-2023)

Industry Spotlight

Increasingly accessible travel is raising customer expectations of the quality of services provided by the industry. Newcomers are harnessing the power of data, sensors and robotics to meet those evolving needs and give a competitive edge to large travel groups.

Startups are emerging in several areas linked to the travel experience: from commuting services around airports to solutions to help travellers navigate new environments, and infrastructure management solutions for airports. Beyond this, startups are also offering new tech-enablers to enhance touristic and leisure activities.

Early Metrics helps large travel and leisure players better understand which thematic clusters are cultivating interesting startups, and identify new value propositions that suit their strategic needs.

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Relevant tech trends include…

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Personalised customer experience

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Eco travel

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