Global Smart City market CAGR from 2020 to 2025
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Global waste management market CAGR from 2020 to 2027
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820.7 Bn$

Estimated global market for smart cities in 2025
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Smarter cities thanks to new technologies

In order to keep a central role in the public services industry, historical players have to adapt. Indeed, they are witnessing the emergence of young and more flexible players, that digitizing processes and bringing an improved traceability.

Thus, historical players are facing the challenge of reinventing their practices for a more efficient use of market intelligence. The use of emerging technologies will participate to the rapid growth of smart cities.

Improve the quality of public services

Startups play a major role in disrupting this traditional industry. In comparison to large corporates, they can count on a proven flexibility and faster pace of implementation, to accelerate the innovation processes.

In this area, many startups are are developing IoT solutions based on artificial intelligence. This allows to sort waste more accurately and optimise the recycling process. Other young ventures are working on computer vision software to track and merchandise, vehicles and even people.

In the end, the stakes are clear: streamline waste management processes and tracking, but also make smarter cities.

Benefit from the cutting-edge expertise of smart cities startups

Corporates need new technologies to reinvent themselves. Historical players can integrate computer vision in their processes to improve their traceability systems and people counting resources. This will have multiple impacts: fluidified traffic, improved space management...

These challenges are particularly relevant in the context of a sanitary crisis like the Covid-19 pandemic. Also, IoT devices support real-time data collection, to streamline waste management for instance. These improvements contribute to building smarter cities.

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