size of the global digital
utility market in 2018


CAGR in the global blockchain
market in the energy sector (2020-2025)


CAGR in the global IoT
in utilities market (2019-2024)

Industry Spotlight

Historically, the utilities industry has been led by longstanding actors. Today, however, these companies are facing many challenges: new technologies are being deployed, renewable energy is being widely integrated, and customers are taking charge of their own consumption. Sector leaders are looking to retain their dominance through reinvention, notably by leveraging the information they hold on the market.

Many technological advances are making it possible to address these challenges. For example, blockchain is reshaping distribution models by promoting a decentralised approach, illustrated by peer-to-peer energy exchange platforms or self-consumption solutions.

Early Metrics has assisted many utilities companies in identifying cutting-edge technologies (for example, in waste processing) as well as in assessing partners before deploying their solutions.

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Relevant tech trends include…

Recycling and circular processes

Ecofriendly goods and services

Resource management

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