Infographic – How do the fintech ecosystems of France, Germany and the UK compare?

By Anais Masetti - 12 February 2020

Early Metrics has been analysing tech trends emerging from Europe’s innovation hubs for the past five years. With offices in France, Germany and the UK, the startup rating agency is fully immersed into these dynamic ecosystems. Here is how these countries compare in the fintech sector.

Over the past 5 years, the financial technology or fintech sector has grown incredibly fast and has seen the birth of multiple business unicorns (worth over $1 billion). As the three biggest economies in Europe, it’s only natural that Germany, France and the UK would concentrate the lion’s share of fintech players in the Old Continent. But how do these three ecosystems compare?


In terms of funding, the UK has been top of the leaderboard so far with €4.4 billion invest in British fintech in 2019, up from €3.9 billion the previous year. Meanwhile, Germany came in the second position with €1.9 billion in 2019, with notably its poster child, N26 securing a $170 million round. France landed on the last step of the podium for the last two consecutive years but has still experienced a strong acceleration in investment, going from a total of €392 million in 2018 to €699 million in 2019.



When it comes to the growth potential of fintech startups, our research has shown that French and German ones perform slightly better than British ones. Indeed their average Early Metrics score was lower for UK fintech startups. This is partly due to the fact that the UK market is already quite saturated, making it more difficult for newcomers to make a spot for themselves in the ecosystem.

Is 2020 the year where the UK passes on its fintech crown to its neighbours? In the banking sector at least it seems unlikely, especially as three major British challenger banks – Monzo, Starling and Revolut – are poised to land new mega-deals in the upcoming months.

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