Infographic – Key stats and trends in Green Real Estate

By Katerina Mansour - 14 May 2020

Construction and real estate are some of the most polluting industries. But, emerging technologies, startups and regulations are encouraging a shift towards smarter, greener building construction and management. In this infographic, we summarise some of the key statistics and trends in the green real estate space.

Despite some remaining naysayers, the negative impact of anthropogenic activity on our planet is now widely recognised by the general public, governments and the scientific community. The increase in climate change awareness has in part been fuelled by a growing body of research showing what has the most impact on our environment and how we can better protect it.

Meanwhile, many governments have been putting in place regulations to encourage and accelerate the move towards more sustainable business practices. For example, the UK passed a net-zero emissions law, mandating that the country must reach a net zero of greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. These efforts affect several industries, with the real estate and construction industries being part of those impacted.

Commercial and residential buildings are among the main culprits when it comes to the depletion of resources and energy waste. Research has shown that they account for an important part of CO2 emissions in the Western world, 40% in the US and 36% in the EU. The construction space also makes use of about 40% of the world’s raw materials.

Among our database of over 3000 rated startups, many are developing innovations that can help reduce the environmental impact of buildings. From energy-related solutions that optimise consumption or improve storage, to technologies that can reduce air pollution indoors, and upcycled biodegradable materials for construction…we are seeing the growth of a large panel of solutions that can help countries and businesses meet their goals in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Ultimately, green buildings go hand-in-hand with smart buildings – a trend that has been growing over the past years. Increased use of technological tools such as IoT devices will help buildings not only be greener but also appeal more to buyers on the market looking for practical, high-tech and sustainable houses or offices.

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