Infographic – Top 20 female entrepreneurs leading high-growth startups

By Anais Masetti - 12 March 2019

We wish there were as many female entrepreneurs as there are male ones. We wish female-led startups received VC funding in equal amounts to male-led ones. We wish Women’s Day wasn’t a thing.

Women shouldn’t need a day to be celebrated, they should feel valued every single day. And we believe great entrepreneurs should be celebrated every day, regardless of their gender. But sadly the playing field still isn’t equal, so we need to keep showing that women are just as capable of leading business to success as men.

At Early Metrics, we have had the opportunity to rate so many promising startups (close to 2500 in total). Many of these are run by highly competent women and we are proud to feature our top 20 female entrepreneurs, the EM Femtrepreneurs, ranked by management score.

This year our top 5 is:

1- Charlotta Holmquist, Co-founder and Chairman at BL!XT

2- Christina Roth and Stephanie Dettmann, co-founders of UND GRETEL

3- Ewelina Robaczek, CEO at

4- Vanessa Lee Butz, CEO at District Technologies

5- Bénédicte de Raphélis Soissan, CEO at Clustree

Below, you can find the rest of the top 20:

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