Infographic – Cosmetics Tech Trends

By Katerina Mansour - 11 September 2020

Cosmetics have become a staple product in women’s shopping carts. So much so that about 60% of British women say they wouldn’t consider going to work without make-up on.

Home of some of the biggest industry players in the world, Europe’s high consumption of beauty products and increasing openness to innovation makes for a dynamic market to grow in for large and small players alike.

Indeed, budding startups have been applying new technologies to the beauty industry with successful results. This includes augmented reality (AR) solutions coupled with IoT-enabled smart mirrors to virtually try on beauty products. Skin analysis devices and software are also allowing for more personalised and accurate recommendations.

As sustainability and product safety become a priority for more and more consumers, several companies are providing more eco-friendly alternatives to traditional cosmetics ingredients and packaging materials.

Find out which technologies and companies are fuelling exciting cosmetics tech trends in our infographic:

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