Mishipay, the future of shopping experience?

By Soline Kauffmann-Tourkestansky - 05 June 2017

While the optimisation of payment experience has become a key challenge for retailers, Mishipay has developed a new technology enabling the buyer not to queue anymore to pay for items. The customer journey is quite simple: using a dedicated mobile app, the buyer scans the barcode, pays from his smartphone and leaves the shop.

This promise implies technical challenges, as the app must be integrated to PoS inventory and security systems. Additionally, both items and safety gates have to be equipped with RFID tags. This might explain the reason why retailers are currently shy to adopt Mishipay’s solution.

This has not discouraged Mustafa (CEO) and Tanvi (CTO)! Launched in 2015, the Indo-UK startup currently works on developing a community of strategic partners, that could ease supply chain and implementation processes.

Meanwhile, Mishipay quickly showed encouraging market signals, leveraging a partnership with Cisco earlier this year. As an illustration, Mishipay solution has been tested in the UK, but also in India and Israel. Rated in May 2016 by Early Metrics, the young company – aware of its strong potential to shake-up the retail industry – is now streamlining its commercial process to convert PoC into large-scale implementation, benefiting from underlying trends of digitalisation of the retail experience.

Early Metrics Team wishes Mishipay a well-deserved success!

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