MyElefant never forgets to send the right marketing SMS

By Anais Masetti - 25 July 2018

The importance of phones in our journey to buying anything (from groceries to headphones and inflatable flamingos) is undeniably growing. In fact, Forrester’s 2018 Retail Best Practices: Mobile Web study estimates that smartphones will be used in over 33% of total U.S. retail sales (worth more than $1 trillion) at some point in the purchasing process in 2018, including research, price comparisons and the actual purchases.

Retailers have been a little slow at realising the potential of mobile shopping (excluding Chinese retailers who are leaders in this area) and are only now looking to capitalise on this with tailored marketing. Moreover, such marketing efforts are notoriously difficult to manage and track.

Enter myElefant (now Sinch), a SaaS platform that allows retailers to create and manage mobile marketing campaigns. The start-up was rated by Early Metrics in March 2018 and received a remarkable score of 81/100.

The French company was launched in 2010 and enables rich mobile messages to be sent via SMS, push notifications and messaging apps. The software also allows marketers to track and analyze the success of their mobile campaigns.

Rich of their eight-year experience at the helm of MyElefant, its founders (Jean-Philippe Gallet, Cyril Puget and Arthur Ledard) have built an excellent expertise in the market. As our rating report highlighted, they also managed to create great commercial traction over the past year. Moreover, the start-up operates in a competitive landscape that still lacks a dominant player: a leadership position remains to be seized and MyElefant is poised to grab it.

However this competitive environment also entails that the start-up will have to work extra hard to increase their online presence and build greater brand awareness among their potential customers.

MyElefant is now looking to take a bite of the Big Apple with the hope that the next funding round will reach 10 to 15 million euros and allow them to set up their American offices.

Early Metrics looks forward to seeing MyElefant grow and wishes the whole team best of luck for the future!

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