News and Trends

Keeping you informed about the latest  tech trends

News and Trends

Keeping you informed about the latest  tech trends

Earth Day: 10 emerging startups fighting climate change in Europe

Find out how rated startups are saving our planet From waste management to clean energy, more and more startups are innovating to fight against climate change and protect our planet. And what better time to celebrate these Greentech startups than on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Based on our database of over 3000 rated … Read more

Rated startups join the fight against Coronavirus

The impact of the new Coronavirus is felt in almost every home and business, so it is naturally difficult to stay positive during these uncertain times. In fact, France, where our headquarters are based, is the fourth worst hit country in the world. Nevertheless, at Early Metrics we are seeing many startups in our database … Read more

Infographic – Waste Management 2.0

How much waste is produced and how this waste is managed has a massive impact on climate change and should be a central element of any CSR plan. We take a look at the trends and solutions surrounding this topic. Data shows that countries throughout the world have been producing more waste over the years, … Read more

Is Influencer Marketing worth the hype?

Staying relevant and visible in front of your target audience is always a priority for all businesses, especially so in a time of crisis where face to face interactions are rarer. We explore how influencer marketing can provide new solutions to this key issue. The rise of social media has completely disrupted traditional marketing tactics. … Read more

Women Talk Tech – Episode 4: Emma Rees, CEO at Deployed

As part of our Women Talk Tech series, we reached out to leading female voices from different areas of the UK tech ecosystem and gathered their insights into tech trends, gender diversity and more. In this last episode, we speak to Emma Rees, co-founder of Deployed. Emma Rees has built very different businesses throughout her life. … Read more

5 startups pour occuper vos enfants et faciliter votre télétravail

C’est bon, vous avez tout vérifié : la connexion Wi-Fi est rapide, votre casque fonctionne bien, vous avez enlevé toutes les photos gênantes de votre bureau de fortune. Pendant ce temps, dans la pièce d’à côté, les feuilles et crayons sont sur la table basse, à la télé Peppa Pig s’amuse à sauter dans la boue, … Read more

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