Not your typical Christmas: 4 surprising gift ideas from top rated startups

By Anais Masetti - 21 December 2020

Christmas is just around the corner and much like the rest of 2020, it’s bound to be different from any other holiday we’ve lived before. So why not choose an unusual gift for an unusual Christmas?

In our database of over 3500 rated startups, there are some pretty original products that could make for memorable presents. From prints that come alive to forests that give back to your wallet, there’s something for everyone. 

Aside from having created fun products, the companies below have all undergone the rigorous Early Metrics startup rating process, achieving strong growth potential scores.

So here is some inspiration from our rated startup database to treat your loved ones – or yourself:

The one that’s planet and social distancing-friendly 

Sadly many of us will not be able to see friends and family for Winter festivities this year, due to Covid-19 restrictions throughout Europe. That’s why EcoTree’s offer makes for a fun alternative to traditional Christmas gifts. You can buy a 7-tree bundle online as a present and the startup will plant 7 trees in several sustainable forests in the name of your chosen person.

These 7 trees do not only represent an investment in the planet’s wellbeing, as they will capture 4.8 tons of CO2. They also represent a financial investment which can return up €292 to its owner once they are cut for timber. Indeed, the trees are cut once their carbon absorption decreases. Patience will be key to enjoy this ROI though, as the trees will be cut in 40 years’ time!

Growth Potential:

Early Metrics ranked EcoTree among the top 10% of over 3000 rated startups in 2020. While its level of innovation is not particularly impressive, the startup benefits from the extensive experience of its management team in relevant academic and professional fields. Moreover, it has showcased a promising commercial development so far.

The one with an inebriating fragrance

Lord of Barbès develops a high-end gin brand based on a mixture of nine aphrodisiac plants. Here again, sustainability is an important element of the startup’s ethos. Their drink comes in a distinctive blue bottle that can be refilled at dedicated stations, thus tackling single-use glass packaging issues.

Lord of Barbès also develops two complementary products, a tonic and a perfume. Yes, that’s right: for the ones that miss the scent of a night at the club, the alcoholic fragrance will bring back that party feeling – in a classy way.

Growth Potential:

Lord of Barbès faces stiff competition in the field of spirits, both from household brands and startups. Still, when it was assessed by Early Metrics in March 2020, the rating highlighted some positive factors that could support future growth. Among these, its stable production line, which has allowed the startup to deploy its products on a relatively large scale both in its local market (France) and internationally.

The one to revamp your videocall background

Chances are Zoom meetings and videoconferencing will still be part of our daily work lives in 2021. So your friends and relatives might well appreciate receiving a wall art piece to spice up their home office. The Austrian startup Artivive has a marketplace of atypical art prints that might just do the trick.

Not only are the prints artistic and developed by independent artists – but they also come alive! Through the magic of augmented reality (AR) and a dedicated app, the elements have the drawings animate themselves. Indeed, Artivive is best known for its extended reality content creation platform and mobile application which is used by museums and artists to offer immersive content or experiences.

Growth Potential:

Ranked in the top 10% of rated startups in 2019, Artivive seems to have the ingredients to keep growing. Its founders were able to build and leverage a strong network within the global art and museum scene, despite their lack of previous experience in online marketplace building. This has allowed them to expand internationally and gain visibility early on, an important step in such a competitive market.

The one that keeps the whole family entertained (and fed)

Cooking has helped countless people stay relaxed and entertained throughout the long lockdown months. Of course, it’s likely to remain a popular leisure activity beyond the pandemic. When it comes to involving children in the kitchen though, there is a caveat: it’s a mess. The startup Chefclub has got your back with its range of playful kitchen utensils and recipe books specially designed for kids. The startup also offers countless online videos for creative recipes featuring animated characters to keep the little ones engaged.

But you can find a Christmas gift for childless (childfree?) friends too. The startup has published a book of its 45 most popular recipes, each with a video tutorial available online.

Growth Potential:

Chefclub’s idea to create kitchen utensils and recipe videos or books is not revolutionary. But it comes at a time where interest in home cooking and healthy eating is booming. Therefore it’s market timing promises a healthy growth in the upcoming years, as evidenced by its early traction. Hence, while the Early Metrics rating highlighted that more efforts had to be made by the startup to iron out its monetization model, it also ranked the startup among the top 10% of rated startups in 2019.

We hope you found these Christmas gift ideas useful and wish you a wonderful winter holiday season. The Early Metrics team looks forward to bringing more exciting and high-potential startups in the spotlight in the new year!

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