Phenix: Fight against food waste

By Elia Pradel - 26 September 2017


In an era where an increasing number of people acts as informed customers and want to consume more ethically, Phenix aims to support catering professionals and retailers in fighting against food waste. The French startup, rated by Early Metrics in June 2017, already works with many big players in the retail industry such as Carrefour, Leclerc, or Leroy Merlin.


Through its web platform and mobile application, Phenix allows its customers to value their food surplus and unsold goods, and sell them to dedicated charities. The startup also educates retail teams on the cost of food waste.


Phenix benefits from an advantageous legal environment in its home country: France recently adopted a law against food waste, under which large-scale food retailers have to donate unsold products, rather than destroy them. Phenix has also expanded to Spain, Portugal and Denmark, proving not only international ambition, but also market appetite.


The startup is composed of a strong founding team who, prior to launching its current venture, worked for 5 years at Eqoshère, a green company. Thanks to this experience, the founders have built relevant industry expertise. On the logistical and commercial sides, the team demonstrates fast and efficient execution capabilities, which allowed them to sign 600 stores within 3 years of operation.


Despite a favorable landscape, Phenix might have to face competition coming from big players in the industry, as retailers could decide to by-pass Phenix. However, product diversification will help them tackle those challenges and gain a competitive edge.


We wish all the best to the Phenix team for their future projects and development!


The Early Metrics team

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