Podcast | Women Talk Tech – Inclusive product design and the secret to beating imposter syndrome

By Anais Masetti - 15 February 2021

Early Metrics, in partnership with Capgemini UK, is proud to present the Women Talk Tech series.

This podcast brings together top innovation leaders to discuss the technologies and trends shaping our future. It also complements a series of events and interviews conducted in 2020. The series’ goal is to create a sounding board for female voices in tech and foster a more diverse ecosystem.

Women Talk Tech again: what to expect

In the second chapter of the podcast, Susannah Taylor, from Early Metrics, welcomes back three innovation experts:

Hélène Alunni-Botteri from Wells Fargo, Sarah Balachandran from Capgemini UK and Danielle Sheerin from Barclays.

In “Corporate accelerators and dreams of Star Trek replicators“, their debate covered key emerging technologies from 2020 as well as the impact of Covid-19 on our work and lives.

This time, they share their insights into some of the biggest questions faced by the tech ecosystem and female leaders within it. Among other things, you will learn:

  • What risks are associated with rapid digital transformation
  • How to foster inclusive product design
  • What makes leadership good – regardless of gender
  • What are some strategies to keep imposter syndrome at bay

You can listen to the podcast Women Talk Tech on Anchor, Spotify or by clicking below:

About the experts

Hélène Alunni-Botteri – Wells Fargo

Hélène is a Senior Vice President in the Innovation Group where she leads Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) activities for the Wells Fargo Startup Accelerator and works closely with various lines of business to drive innovation. She plays an active role in EMEA’s startup ecosystem, working with venture capital firms, startups, and other accelerator and incubator programs.

Prior to joining the Innovation Group, Hélène was part of Wells Fargo’s Wholesale Cross Border Governance & Strategy Group. There she led strategic initiatives for EMEA, including Wells Fargo’s Brexit plan.

Hélène is passionate about diversity and inclusion. Indeed, she led the Wells Fargo EMEA Women’s Network from 2013-2016. Moreover, she was the first international recipient of the Annual Enterprise Diversity and Inclusion Champion Award.

Sarah Balachandran – Capgemini UK

As Head of CX and Innovation, Sarah draws from her passion for customer-centric innovation to find the right solutions for her customers and their end-users. She joined Capgemini in 2015 as UX and Digital Delivery Operations Manager, working with HMRC to deliver public-facing digital services.

Whether it’s planning an exciting Route 66 road trip for her family, supporting innovative talent or running the UK’s largest public sector specialist UX agency within Capgemini, Sarah holds three values close to her heart at all times:

– a relentless focus on user needs through user-centred design;

– bringing a creative spirit, that utilises our amazing diversity;

– and seeking out inspiring innovation in everything she does.

Danielle Sheerin – Barclays

At Barclays, Danielle works with female technology founders to support their journey through dedicated programmes and initiatives aimed at addressing the unique challenges they face.  With a genuine commitment and passion for female technology founders, Danielle leads the Female Founders First Programme by Barclays and Techstars and the Female Tech Collective; Barclays’ virtual peer to peer founder network. 

Prior to Barclays, Danielle worked for the Mayor of London’s promotional organisation. In this role, she led on building tech startup ecosystems and connecting them with corporates seeking solutions to their innovation challenges.   

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