Rated Startup @VivaTechnology: Bloom

By Elia Pradel - 23 May 2018

As part of VivaTechnology 2018, we decided to put in highlight some of the best rated startups that will attend the event in Paris from May 24 to 26.

Last but not least Bloom, which develops a platform for analysing social networks. The startup relies on its proprietary algorithms to analyse trends and opinions to help strategic marketing and communication decisions. The analysis is illustrated on dynamic graphs to quickly identify interactions.


When was your company funded ?

In September 2016

Have you fundraised in the last 24 months ?

Yes, 2 M€

Could you tell us more about your investors ?

Swisscom Ventures, Business Angels

How many collaborators work in your company ?

18 collaborators

What does your company do briefly ?

In an nutshell : Social Media Analytics for Communication and Marketing strategy

Who do you serve ?

International Brands

What is the big ambition for Bloom,

To have the Leadership in Europe.

Let’s talk about you, when did you start your entrepreneurial journey ?

My entrepreneurial journey started in 2002 when I launched The free Magazine Sport in France and UK

What challenges have you mastered so far, either business or personal ?

The main challenges was to launch simultaneously new products, new marketing concepts and new media.

Why do you think you’re in the top 1% of rated companies ? What has made your success ?

Because I anticipated the aim of social media business, with quality and strategic approach versus mass and quantitative approach from the others platforms.

What’s the latest news you will be sharing at Viva Tech ?

I will launch a new strategic product thanks to GDPR.

Where can we find you at VivaTech ?


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