Rated Startup @VivaTechnology : Opendatasoft

By Elia Pradel - 21 May 2018

As part of VivaTechnology 2018, we decided to put in highlight some of the best rated startups that will attend the event in Paris from May 24 to 26.

Let’s keep on with Opendatasoft, a French startup which simplifies the publishing and processing of Smart City data, Open Data, and internal data for cities and companies.


When was your company funded ?

In December 2011

Have you fundraised in the last 24 months ?

Yes, 10 M€

Could you tell us more about your investors ?

Aster Capital / Salesforce Ventures / UL Ventures / Aurinvest / Caisse des Dépôts.

How many collaborators work in your company ?

60 people

What does your company do briefly ?

Through its platform, Opendatasoft provides a turnkey solution for easy data sharing & visualization.

Who do you serve ?

We mainly serve smart cities stakeholders (municipalities, utilities, transportation companies, IoT players …) & large corporations.

What is the big ambition for Opendatasoft ?

OpenDataSoft as the main global data social network.

Let’s talk about you, when did you start your entrepreneurial journey ?

In 2011

What challenges have you mastered so far, either business or personal ?

The main challenges were hiring key people and getting an international footprint (we currently have customers in 17 countries).

Why do you think you’re in the top 10% of rated companies ? What has made your success ?

I think our customer centric culture in addition to a  good product market fit were  key success factors. Finally, the fact that we are 3 experienced founders  was a strong advantage.

What’s the latest news you will be sharing at Viva Tech ?

We will showcase our latest solution to easily design data products

Where can we find you at VivaTech ?

At ENGIE Energy Lab

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