Rated startups join the fight against Coronavirus

By Héloïse Frantz - 16 April 2020


The impact of the new Coronavirus is felt in almost every home and business, so it is naturally difficult to stay positive during these uncertain times. In fact, France, where our headquarters are based, is the fourth worst hit country in the world. Nevertheless, at Early Metrics we are seeing many startups in our database come up with brilliant initiatives to tackle the negative consequences of the virus – and it’s definitely giving us hope for the future.

We are very proud of the French tech ecosystem’s commitment to do whatever is needed to fight the spread of Coronavirus. Indeed thanks to their agility, creativity and technological know-how, several young businesses were able to quickly pivot or adapt to the situation.

Below are some examples of these innovative solutions developed by rated startups which are helping people and companies make it through this unprecedented crisis.

Tech startups easing the burden on the healthcare system

Among the startups creating novel solutions to respond to the pandemic, there is Nouveal E-santé. This healthtech startup provides a digital solution for pre and post-operation patient follow-up. The platform allows medical staff to ensure online admission and post-operative follow up thanks to an integrated mailbox.

To address the challenge of the increasing number of patients in hospitals during the outbreak, the startup built a new telemedicine platform to remotely track the health status of confirmed and suspected COVID-19 patients; therefore giving better protection for medical staff, the patients and their community. The solution is called Covidom and was co-created with AP-HP (the biggest hospital network in Europe) and the ARS Ile-de-France.

Another new solution to help ease the burden on public health systems comes from the rated startup Clevy. The startup is specialised in the creation of chatbots and augmented assistants. Not usually operating in the health sector, Clevy has applied its conversational technologies to the current situation by developing Covid-bot: a chatbot that helps people do a self-diagnosis for the virus as well as access news and official recommendations on the pandemic.

Meaningful collaborations between pharmaceutical groups and startups

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented initiative and solidarity. More than ever, it is clear that collaborations between startups, corporates and public institutions are a vital source of innovation. The partnership between the biopharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca and the startups Cureety, Libheros and Qare is a great example of this.

As the number of patients affected by COVID-19 is growing, medical staff sadly have less time to dedicate to other sick patients. That is why AstraZeneca France and the three startups have co-created a telemedicine app for remote patient care. This solution is particularly important for vulnerable individuals with life-threatening diseases, such as cancer patients, to keep them from being exposed to the novel Coronavirus while still allowing them to stay in touch with their carers.

On a side note, we are very proud to count Qare, Cureety and Libheros in our community of rated startups. Moreover, we are currently collaborating with AstraZeneca in the UK and hope to support them in the creation of even more partnerships with startups.

Innovators helping small businesses survive Coronavirus

The outbreak has also forced millions of shops to close their doors during isolation and left small businesses wondering whether they will be able to survive. To help them in continuing their activity, Wynd has created MonCommercantChezMoi (which translates to “MyRetailerAtHome”). The application allows shop owners affected by Coronavirus to take their business online, from digitising orders to taking payments and organising deliveries.

The increased demand for delivery has also been difficult to meet for many retailers. That is why the rated company Cubyn has decided to greatly discount its fulfilment management solution. Indeed, the startup enables retailers who are forced to shift their product sales online to maintain customer satisfaction and cut logistics costs by up to 30%.

Both Cubyn and Wynd are among the service providers for retailers recommended by the French Ministry of Finance.

At Early Metrics, we are endlessly impressed by the level of ingenuity and solidarity shown by the startups in our network. Indeed, these are but a few examples of how young businesses create life-saving innovation, even in time of crisis. But they can only go so far without the help of investors, corporates and institutions. If you would like to discover and support brilliant startups, Early Metrics is here to build bridges and connect you with them. Reach out to learn more.

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